Summer ’21 Newsletter

IMPORTANT: KCMC must vacate its current suite of studios by late June, and is currently searching out a suitable relocation site in Keene. We ask you for your help in this venture as possible. Donations of funds will help defray the cost of moving pianos, our music library and all equipment. Donations of time and muscle on moving day will help KCMC reassemble and relaunch in the new site.


Summer 2021 music opportunities at KCMC…

• Private lessons – rolling registration
• Fundamentals of Music Theory I (small group class)
Mondays through Thursdays, June 14-17 & 21-24 (5:15-6:00 pm)
(more details below)

Continuing or returning students should sort out lesson schedules directly with their current (or most recent) instructor. [If assistance in registration is needed, please contact the office directly ( KCMC offers instruction in: violin, viola, double bass, clarinet, guitar, piano, voice, harp, trumpet and percussion.

New students should contact the KCMC office directly.
Private lessons can provide you with technical essentials that will help you prepare to become a more informed participant in the performing ensemble at your school or within an adult ensemble. Instructors can advise you as to where and how to go about renting (or purchasing) an instrument that will best fit your musical goals. Morning lesson times may be available for both youth and adult students during the summer, so please inquire.

Private teachers new to our faculty!
Kurt Daniels (guitar teacher) specializing in rock and jazz styles. A seasoned performer and teacher, Kurt was previously on the faculty of Elm City Music.

Michael Varno (voice teacher) has most recently been teaching in the Alstead school district. Michael brings to the studio his passion for musical theater performance and production.

The rest of the KCMC faculty welcome Kurt and Michael to our teaching roster.

Note to students entering grades 9-12 in the fall:
Summer is a great time to get ahead on preparing repertoire you might want to have ready for a seating audition for your school’s orchestra. Your private teacher can help you find and prepare a piece that might best demonstrate your technical level on your instrument. Similarly, if one aims to take a shot at competitive auditions [All New Hampshire and/or New England Music Festival] in the fall, summer preparation will be essential. Speak with your teacher as soon as possible to see if such a goal might be a reasonable one for you to build toward this summer or over the coming academic year.

Students of any age and level can boost their own level of musicianship through greater exposure to elements of music theory. Consider taking the Music Theory course this summer: instruction is highly individualized whether the student is just beginning to learn about elements of music or already has some theory background.

Spring term highlights at KCMC
The in-person lesson option returned for most teachers and students in late April. Protocols in place are noted on the KCMC website. In general, students and teachers are required to wear masks and observe social distance. Teachers disinfect any touched surfaces between students/lessons. Health statements are filled out and signed by both teachers and students.
These practices will remain in place going forward unless and until there is a change in the practices followed by Sau29 (Keene public school district). Again, any change in KCMC procedure will be noted on the KCMC website.
ALSO: KCMC teachers and students are now experienced with the virtual lesson model. Although an in-person lesson is always better than a virtual one, we all now know we can carry on next winter in the event of challenging weather on a lesson day….a “good take-away!”

KCMC’s second virtual recital

On Sunday afternoon, April 18, several KCMC students, teachers and fans gathered virtually for spring recital performances. Adult harp student Judith Olson led off the recital with her performance of Pastorale by Marcel Grandjany. This piece, typified by an interesting balance between delicacy and strength of playing styles, was preceded by Judith’s demonstration of various playing techniques idiomatic to harp performance. Judith’s introductory remarks also touched upon the inclusion of the Phrygian mode and repetitious ostinato figure integral to the fabric of the piece. Following her presentation of Pastoral, Judith performed A Martine by Bernard Andres. Kathryn Kaminski, another adult harpist, was second to play on the recital program. She performed a lovely etude featuring a good amount of arpeggiation as well as melodic line. Both harpists played on lever harps.
Gaetana Martin performed two pieces for solo violin and piano to round out the program. Her first piece – Melodie by Fritz Kreisler – requires a certain seriousness in delivery, and Gaetana achieved the traditional effect. She followed this performance with her offering of Vocalise by Sergei Rachmaninoff. This piece is characterized by sustained and soaring melody line, and Gaetana did a lovely job in the presentation of this piece as well.

In this second virtual recital, all three performances were “live” rather than pre-recorded. KCMC – and all performers, presumably – look forward to the return to in-person performances and audience in the fall. The KCMC salutes all three of the performers on the April program for sharing their repertoire with teachers and fans.

Fundamentals of Music Theory
…Accepting both students new to the course and also continuing students..
Class materials will cover: music reading, rhythmic problem solving, introduction to scale forms, intervals and chords

Register for this class: registration May 24 to June 7
Mondays through Thursdays, June 14-17 & 21-24 (5:15-6:00 pm)

Fee structure for the SUMMER Music Theory program:
$160.00 per participant (8 sessions x $20.00)
$144.00 per participant who is concurrently taking private lessons at KCMC
(8 sessions x $18.00…….10% discount off full rate)

An Introduction to Music Composition: How To Give Form To Feeling And Ink To Ideas
This course is unavailable this summer. We expect to offer it as an option to students again beginning Fall 2021.

NOTE: The events listed below will happen although we are not as yet certain of the “where” in Keene:

Fall Chamber Music Play-in event for Adults:
November 6, 2021 two sessions: 1:00-2:15 pm and 2:30-3:45 pm
See KCMC website beginning in August for registration
and more details.

Additionally, there will be a fall student recital…date, time and location TBA.

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