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Instruction available for those interested in playing piano, violin, brass, clarinet drums, harp, guitar and viola.

Continuing or returning students should sort out lesson schedules directly with their current (or most recent) instructor. If assistance in registration is needed, please contact the office directly.

New students should contact the KCMC office directly. kcmcoffice@gmail.com

For youth students: private lessons can provide you with technical essentials that will help you prepare to become a more informed participant in the performing ensemble at your school. High school aged students interested in taking competitive auditions the following fall are strongly encouraged to begin working on this project with the guidance of the private instructor in late May/early June.

For adult students: Treat yourself to a reunion with the instrument you played years ago OR dive into a first-time experience playing an instrument. Instructors will advise you as to where and how to go about renting (or purchasing) an instrument that will best fit your musical goals. Morning lesson times may be available for adult students, so please inquire.

NOTE: Faculty are offering a mix of virtual and in-person lessons at this point in time. There is full expectation that lessons will increasingly revert to in-person as COVID restrictions modify.

Winter term special lecture opportunity

Title: Arranging Sinatra- stories and styles of Frank Sinatra’s primary arrangers.

Date: Monday, March 15th 7:00 p.m. (duration: approx. 60 minutes)

Lecturer: Don Baldini.

Don is a professional musician and former professor of double bass at Keene State College and Dartmouth College. He also held the baton as conductor of the Keene State Orchestra in recent years.

Register to attend this virtual/Zoom event via email request at: kcmcoffice@gmail.com.
You will then be provided with a Zoom link to the event approx. 24 hours prior to the lecture.

Winter term highlights at KCMC

The KCMC Community salutes especially those private lesson students who persevered through the disappointment of COVID restrictions to further elevate their individual music study.

High school students Cameron Cielinski (viola) and Elizabeth Bodnar (violin) prepared the competitive audition materials for both the All-New Hampshire Music Festival and the New England Music Festival. Materials consisted of classical repertoire, a battery of scales, and sight reading. These two students negotiated the special on-line audition format necessitated by pandemic restrictions.
Cameron earned selection to All New Hampshire for a second consecutive year. CONGRATULATIONS!

NOTE: The state festival is scheduled to take place in Manchester, NH on the first weekend of April, though confirmation of the event will be subject to COVID restriction.

• Equally hardworking were those students who prepared performances for KCMC’s first-ever virtual winter recital.

On Sunday, January 17, a group of students shared the videos of their pre-recorded performances on the recital. Students worked with their lesson teachers to decide on repertoire to be performed, most with pre-recorded piano accompaniment. The goal of the recital was to give these students a target performance date and the potential to share their musicianship and hard work with family and friends. Teachers and participants judged the event to be a successful one.

A virtual Spring Recital is planned for Sunday, April 18. Those interested in joining the recital audience are directed to KCMC’s website closer to the event date for any developing details.

Here follow reflections on the first recital from some January 17th recitalists, teachers and parents:

Gaetana M:
“I have been taking music lessons at KCMC since I was six and I can say nothing has been more rewarding and challenging than having virtual recitals and lessons….It is really nice to still have access to joyful things in this current time in history….Over time my teacher and I have come up with strategies that make virtual music lessons easier than they were in the beginning.
It was so rewarding to have this virtual recital because I still got to have family, friends, and peers there. While I would never choose this experience of having a virtual recital or lesson over in-person lessons and recitals in my life, I would choose it over and over again right now during this pandemic.”

Annelise N:
¨…. I enjoy online recitals and I think it is also very cool that family members of the performers, including non-immediate members, are able to attend as opposed to having live recitals and family not being there. Hopefully, in the future we will be able to have live lessons (and recitals), but as of now, I think the system that KCMC is following really works well. I have been learning so many new pieces on my violin and so many new skills, all thanks to my teacher, Maisa´a, being flexible and wanting the best for me. I am super thankful for KCMC and hope others are, too.¨

Colin M, G3 Chesterfield school:
“I really enjoyed hearing everyone play their instrument. They were so good! I practiced a lot for the recital so I am happy it went well! Thank you Maisa’a for all the advice!

Parent of a young violinist:
“We really enjoyed the virtual recital very much. It was so nice to see other student’s performance and they all played beautifully. We shared the video with my family in Japan and they all loved it. It was a great way to keep (my son) motivated. Thank you so much!!”

Walter Griffiths:
“All the students comported themselves well, both in their performances and in being in front of a video camera. A video recording is quite different from a live performance, but both require hard work! It’s wonderful to see (and hear) everyone’s progress.”

Check out the recital at our YouTube channel

Chamber Music

 Note to adult chamber music play-in crew:
Sadly, we will not hold a spring 2021 event due to pandemic concerns/restrictions. Mark your calendars for November 6, 2021: high hopes that we can resume collaborations by then, at the latest.

Summer programs

Due to the uncertainties of the pandemic, there are no special summer programs on the books as of mid-February. See the Summer Newsletter for updates as they evolve…..

KCMC would like to thank all those who made financial contributions to our 2020 Annual Fund Campaign. Because of your gifts, KCMC is able to stay in business during this challenging time. Your generosity has made our future a little brighter; we look forward to making music in person once again at KCMC, just as soon as it’s safe enough.

KCMC would also like to say a special thank you the anonymous individual for the generous gift of $3,000! If you’re reading this, we hope you know just how much this extraordinary gift is appreciated by our musical community. You have helped a lot of people continue making music at KCMC!

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