Mary Seaver


Mary Seaver has years of experience teaching clarinet and music lessons.  Her goals in teaching are to assist in musical development in knowledge of music, mostly in the realm of clarinet, technical development on clarinet, and improving relationships with music. 

Learning to play an instrument is a lifelong experience and follows you wherever you go. And everywhere you go can be brought to your music. This way it is always there for you. Mary teaches clarinet in a way that gets the student involved in the language that music is, relating music to everyday activities, life experiences and joys, letting it all tie together in music. 

For younger students practicing music may seem like a daily task. Mary’s way of teaching makes the burdensome task of learning the things necessary for good tone and projection of sound easier. Learning scales can be fun when imagination is inspired.

Mary plays in many orchestras, she is currently playing with the Raylynmor Opera Orchestra, the Keene Chamber Orchestra, and Brattleboro Philharmonic. She also plays in many chamber groups including the Fireside winds. And to raise spiritual consciousness she plays with Anahata.

Mary holds a Master’s Degree in music performance.

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